The world today is internet-based. This means that virtually, everyone is on the internet. A variety of activities are carried on the internet ranging from business activities to hangouts. Statistics says out of the approximately 55.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet. This statistics reveals that, the internet has more human attention for information dissemination, awareness creation control over security and privacy. It’s no longer a story to know that billboards, signposts etc are gradually fading away from the line of advertisements. People no longer pay attention, glancing or reading information on these billboards as before. Usually, they should be on their phones either chatting or searching for some information of their interest. When an information is posted on the internet, it gets across the globe in less than a second and millions of persons get the information in a matter of seconds, how cool could that be, how much better could information be passed to the targeted audience. However, the targeted audience needs to be directed by you to where you want them to be in order not to lose them to a competitor.


Get your business a website

The best start to be given to any viable business even before renting the shop is a professional website. Your business website serves as the online home for your business! When you get your business a website you have made the first step to creating an online community where your business rules.

Why a website first?

A website first before your shop because you do not want to rely on only the people passing the street or locality where your shop situates. The size of customers who may come is very small compared to those from online! People are more online than they are offline 24hours everyday. For security reasons, most rich people prefer buying online and maybe send their guards who then go and fetch them the items bought or even the use of courier services. More items are likely to be purchased by your customers when purchasing online due to the fact that they could make purchase directly from their bank accounts without the hassle of having to go about with huge cash.

How do I get my business a website?

If you want to entrust your business to professionals who create and even manage your website for you, we have got you covered!

Why icdin?

At icdin, we do not just design and develop website for our clients. We offer full consultation services to our clients. We advice on the type of website to be created for the business, the contents to be put on the website, do online business survey to know your potential competitors and how to beat them with the use of our special soft means.

We create we stay

After creating websites for our clients, we stay. With our sales wizard, we monitor and know when our clients have low turnouts, observe the satisfactions status of our clients and adjust techniques to suite the case.

Our support team is 24hours available to all clients to offer the best support.


Without compromising quality, we offer services at costs our clients would not feel. We ensure the client does not spend much on line services by giving all our clients free maintenance and updates services. We do not charge our clients for monthly monthly or yearly maintenance services like other companies do. We do so to ensure the client is always active on the internet without the feeling of putting so much in online services. We offer free maintenance and update services to keep close relationship with our clients. Call or contact our supports for more details.


Enlist your business on

When your business is enlisted on, you have made your business to be popular on the internet community! You now own your own space on the online market space where your products and services could easily be reached by those looking for such. We make your products and services standout even though we have so many other businesses on our market.

How do you do that, seeing that so many shops are enlisted on icdin?

We use filters to ensure when buyers search for a product or services on icdin, the exact items searched for are being displayed to the buyer. If on the other hand the items searched are not available, only those similar to them are displayed to the buyer. Another interesting fact about having so many shops enlisted on our site is it makes it even easier for anyone to sell, this is because when a market is large, more buyers are available(sellers of a given product are strong buyers of another products).

How do I enlist my shop on icdin?

To enlist your shop on icdin is very easy! Contact our shop market agents either by a phone call or our contact us page. If you chose to do it yourself it is also very easy. We have made shop enlisting so easy that anyone who can at least browse either with mobile phones or desktop devices can enlist their shops on our website anytime anywhere!