The world today is internet-based. This means that virtually, everyone is on the internet. A variety of activities are carried on the internet ranging from business activities to hangouts. Statistics says out of the approximately 55.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet. This statistics reveals that, the internet has more human attention for information dissemination, awareness creation control over security and privacy. It’s no longer a story to know that billboards, signposts etc are gradually fading away from the line of advertisements. People no longer pay attention, glancing or reading information on these billboards as before. Usually, they should be on their phones either chatting or searching for some information of their interest. When an information is posted on the internet, it gets across the globe in less than a second and millions of persons get the information in a matter of seconds, how cool could that be, how much better could information be passed to the targeted audience. However, the targeted audience needs to be directed by you to where you want them to be in order not to lose them to a competitor.


Get a domain name Host your domain Build your website. Launch your website after building it Get Your Domain Name Your domain name (URL) is the address of your business for your targeted audience. A domain name is a string in the internet world which serves as identity. This means that if in normal terms, one identity is not given to morning than one person, then in the internet world a domain name is not given to more than persons. How do obtain a domain name for my business? This question is deep. Because obtaining a domain name is something that is very important and as such care should be taken in order not to run into mistakes. You don’t want to chose a domain name that is too long for the customers out there to remember nor too difficult for them to pronounce. Click here to know how to choose a domain name without making these mistakes.

How to choose a domain name

In choosing a domain name, use (.com) unless it’s not available. The reason is, ‘.com’ is widely used and people easily type it to an address when searching on the net. Although there is no difference between ‘.com’ and others such as ‘.net, .org, .info, .store, .tech etc’ in terms of functionality.They all work the same way and anyone can be used for your business. There is however, a preference over the ‘.com’. Don’t waste your time searching for a domain name that can go with ‘.com’ and end up choosing a rather tedious name. For example, if the name of your shop is auto spare parts dealer. If ‘’ is not available, you might be confused of whether to use ‘’ which is difficult to pronounce nor remember just to secure a ‘.com’, why not try something like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ based on the one that is available. Once you are done choosing a domain name, don’t wait till the next day. Pay for the domain to secure it because millions are online every second doing a search similar to your own every day. You can search and secure your domain name on either hostgator, bluehost, godaddy, 1 and 1, namecheap etc.

Host your Domain
What is hosting? Hosting is an online store where you store your database for the whole world to have legal access to it.For example, the music, pictures, documents etc on your personal computer in this case, it serves as your offline store where only those who have access to your personal computer can access it. If you’d want the whole world to have access to it, then you lift it from your personal store unto a universal store. Note: you will still have control over it, as in who to access it and who not to access it. It’s like a big hall where people who came in to strange land is given to stay and each has their luggage with padlocks, even the landlord cannot open your luggage even though it is in his house. If you tell him to allow anyone who comes in with the key to your luggage to open it and take or rearrange the content of the bag provided his key to the luggage is able to open it. You may as well make your luggage open to as many as has access to the hall to open it, by not locking it at all provided they could locate it(domain name). A hosting company serves as the landlord; she keeps your database where anyone who is permitted to access it can always reach it. Another interesting reason why you should host your website is that, your personal computer may shutdown or run into a problem thereby denying your customers access to your database. This is what hosting a domain means.

Build Your Website

Here is where you would want to give perfect work. Your website is where you give your audience what you have to give them, its look, the content on it determines whether you would get your customers accept or deny the deal. This is why you would need experts like us to do it for you. A quick recap of what a perfect and attractive website does. When someone who was invited either through a social media or other means visits your website, what make the visitor stay on the site are how attractive and perfect the website is built, the interest they derive in the content your website displays and of course how secured their privacy is. is where you should be when it comes to designing websites with attractive looks, logical ordering of contents and such that doesn’t leave a user’s privacy to the next user or intruder. We are an establishment handling multiplicity of activities, so we keep to privacy terms. However, the type of website you would build depends on what you do or sell. How do I know the type of website appropriate for what I do or sell? The discussion below would help you to understand the type of website appropriate for your interest.

Types of Website

Personal Website

These are websites designed for individuals mainly for sharing of pictures and sending of information about oneself. Websites like this are not search engine optimized.For example, if one searches for an item on a search engine like Google, even if the content searched is on this site, it will not be suggested nor displayed by Google for the person searching to see.A personal website is a site designed for personal profiles, it contains information about the owner, such as autobiography, education, marriage life etc. Most politicians and business tycoons as well as celebrities and other high profile persons own personal websites.

Format of a Personal Website

The URL of a personal website has two parts: the ISP part and the Customer’s part.The ISP part of the URL of a personal website contains the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and while the customer’s part contains the name of the customer.The content of the website is simple, mostly made up of the ‘About, Books, Services, Travels and other items the individual may want to share online.’ Contact today for your personal website

Business Website

A business website is the site structured basically to soot business portfolios. Its basic layout holds navigation menus like, “About Us”, “Our Services”, “Contact Us” and in most cases, google maps integrated in it.Any business that needs customers in order to flourish would definitely need a website. Whether your customers are within your locality (in cases like provision stores) or they are from around the globe (in cases like the air transport companies). Business whose targeted audience is from within the locality

Your website and search engines like Google work hand in hand in order to make your business visible online. Your website contents such as your products and services, your location (the map of where your business is located) and even opening and closing hours would be visible online for the target audience to know. Literally, there is currently no business one would do today that someone else is not doing, either next to one’s location or just a few distance away. This results to competitions where if care is not taken; customers may be lost to a competitor. However, a stunning website for your business stands the gap between your business and your customers, keeping your business on the lead line. It places your business in a place where customers look for you; it makes your business gain trust which your signposts could not secure for you. You don’t need to convince your customers again; as they come to your shop, the content as well as the look of your website has done this already. And this is why you need experts like, which creates attractive websites to handle your business site.

Format of a Business Website

The basic features required on your business website include:The home page: the first page that pops up when the business URL is entered. This displays items like pictures of the business products or services, the key components or sections of your business are made available here to make the visitor stay on your website. A briefing of how your business can help a visitor.In some cases, videos showing your services in action may be displayed.

Past testimonies of existing customers may be displayed.

All these items secure your business trust, making both visitors who came directly with URL and those redirected by search engines to stay and even navigate your website for more contents. Click here to know how much it would cost you to set up your business website. Your customers who locate you from the internet trust you more than those who locate you through signposts or passersby customers. They believe for you to have gained online presence, you are here to stay and wouldn’t want to jeopardize your whole online benefits for just them.Your competitors would wonder how you are getting strange customers by the day. This is because your customers would come from both far and near. Before they would know your secrete you have already taken the area over! The secrete is how quick you get yourself on the internet.

E-commerce Website

An E-commerce website is a website designed to enable transactions. Buyers can browse through products, select products or services, place order and pay for their orders online including shipping if applicable.

Format of an E-commerce website

The basic features required on an E-commerce website include: Payments Medium Integration Shopping Cart Order Management

Security control The payments Gateway Integration

Payments options should be flexible; the customer should be able to use the medium of payment most suitable to them.

Shopping Carts

This is where buyers save all the products they intend to buy until they are ready to carryout transactions. When the buyer is ready to pay for the items in their cart, they simply click on purchase/place order button to invoke the payments gateways and pay for the product.

Management Order

This is where details of a buyer is entered, the transaction may be cancelled by the buyer.The detailed description of the buyer such as the address and zip code can be provided.


This ensures that information or buyers privacy such as the debit card pins are not unless the buyer decides to leave it for future automatic renewal of payments. Usually input values that are private are made to display (*) instead of the real alphabets or numerical values input to prevent a third party who may be close from seeing private inputs.

Captioned Images

Images are designed to enable captions on them, such as price tags and brief description of products and services.Hire experts from get the stunning e-commerce website of your business up on the internet at an affordable price.

The Update Website

This is the type if website where latest information such as sports, music, politics and other societal activities are found.

Format of a news update website

The basic features required on a news updates website are: Social media enabled Navigation-friendly, available space for advertisements

Comments Social Media Enabled

Social media like Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterestet should be enabled on a news update website.This allows easy sharing of information by your visitors. Includes these quick share buttons, and make sure you use an account you are always active on to link these social media. Use the account you frequently posts on this account.


When items are well categorized, visitors navigate them easily and are able to see all variety of services, article contents and categories of updates available. Drop down menus help in itemization, by adequately arranging site contents in user-friendly order.

Available Space for Advertisements

This space accommodates intake of advertisers, who advertise on your site and you get paid. These spaces are usually defined, the header, the left and right sidebars and the footer.It’s not advisable to allow adverts in middle of pages. This may get on some readers nerves.


The comment field should be provided to make visitors share their idea and interact on your website. This keeps the site busy and regularly visited. Both users (those who have signed up on your site) and the visitors (those who haven’t signed up on your site) should be enabled to comment.

Cooperate Website

A cooperate website is the one which updates the public and existing customers on changes made on the products or services the company offers.

Social Media Website

The social media website is barely a decade even though it has taken over and is now leading. Users interact, share pictures, music ideas and many more making users to be in close touch as though it were a community. This feature has earned it the name, social community website.

Format of a social media website User account: A user account is a compulsory account that must be created by anyone that wants to use the website. During account creation, a working email address or a phone number is required and of course a user password for security purposes. Users are required to provide a profile picture, the makes it easy for people to recognize users, and possibly send them friend request.Search: Search handles are enabled on social media to make users search for friends.Comments: Users are enabled to comment on friend’s posts, pictures etc.Like: Like is a handle that allows people to like what one posts or shares. Products from people’s sites, apps, YouTube videos and many more things can be liked and the total number of likes is shown beside the ‘like’ symbol. Products having higher number of ‘likes’ convince people easily more than those with few likes. Hence, the feature is a necessary consideration while designing social media websites.Timeline: Timeline is where a user posts what is on their mind and gets people’s reaction to it.Authors Websites: An author’s also known as writer’s website is a website designed for writers. The use websites has made publication a way easier. Writers can get to the general public the latest books in a matter of seconds. The structure of the author’s website makes it very easy and convenient for the publication as well as sales of new books.

Static Websites

These are non-editable internet sites.Editable Brochure Sites: Requires a content management system.Editable Dynamic Website: It engages the user with login areas. This site is self-managed.E-commerce Websites: They have a payment gateway, e.g., PayPal.Web Application: It is a customized site with much functionality.

Format of an Author’s Website

Author’s Biography: A brief life story of the writer is written in the author’s biography. Catalogue of published works: This contains a list of all the items published.Excerpts: Extract from a larger work such as news article is included on the author’s website.


The best way to popularize your business on the internet as well as the society is making your your business search-engine high ranked.

For instance, you own a restaurant which of course is common everywhere from your locality and outwards. Everything you do in the restaurant is just a copy of what some other person does in their restaurant and there is nothing too unique about your restaurant that should make people consider patronizing you over others. This is the point where people complain their business is not paying, no new customers etc. But there is a way out of that problem! Search engines have made it a lot easier for business owners to beat their competitors yet without having to slash the original prizes of their products. Once your business becomes popular on the internet the business in a way gains trust and one of the benefits you get when your business is very popular and trusted is, it becomes a hot cake and anything it offers sells even when they are expensive. You no longer depend on the number of persons who may have known your business directly, your customers now come from everywhere and then all you’ll be doing is making sure the product is ready for the number of customers coming. How cool is that! Once a keyword relating the kind of service your business offers is typed on a search engine like google, yahoo or bing the url of your business shows up and based on its rank, may be the first on the list. Assume to be a customer looking for the best restaurant in town to go on a date, and you typed “the best restaurant in (name of your city)” using google. You may try the search above using the kind of services you render and the location where you intend to sell, it could be global or local based on the kind of service you render. If you just did this you should see some results showing the keywords you just typed, location and the names of companies or businesses offering the services you typed in, the businesses shown are the ones which have been optimized on search engines. If however your business didn’t show up then you need to optimize your business in order for it to be on the list. Not just being on the list but to be highly ranked by any search engine so it appears top on the list! This is what icdin will also help you achieve when you make icdin your SEO manager.